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Our players wrote:

„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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The Doomlord internet game is provided by Beholder Ltd. (address: Budapest, Mikszath K. u. 12, H-1193, Hungary, phone number: +36-12807932) hencefoth: Provider, with the following conditions:

Only players who accept the following conditions may take part in the game. If these conditions are not accepted the registration is to be deleted, which can be done on the options screen.

1. Registration

All players have to use an existing e-mail address to register. One player is entitled to have only one character per world. Players who wish to have several characters may start them only on separate worlds.

It is the responsibility of each player to handle their passwords with care so that they cannot get into unauthorized hands. The Provider shall take no responsibility for the loss caused by lost passwords and if any unfavourable condition arises from lost passwords the original state cannot be restored.

2. Trading characters between players

Trading characters is not allowed. Anyone selling their characters on the game forums may face suspension of their accounts. If you discontinue playing with your character you can hand it over free of charge to a friend by changing the e-mail address and the password (without disregarding point 1).

Any activity that advertises the sale of in-game assets, services is forbidden. Players who pursue such activities face the termination of their accounts.

3. Errors in the game

We would like to ask players to report all errors - so called bugs to bug{kukk}doomlord{ponty}net. These bugs are not to be exploited even if they are not repaired immediately. Exploiting these bugs and gaining advantage by doing so might lead to the termimation of the player's account. We shall take no responsibility to restore data should the loss of data affect characters adversely, though this process is the subject of individual consideration and can be carried out at bug{kukk}doomlord{ponty}net.

4. Netiquette

Everyone is expected to communicate in a normal, civilized manner. Netiquette refers to desciptions (character, clans), character names, and messages.

Players may not:
  • Use language that is sexually explicit, offensive, abusive, vulgar, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable and any comments that carry real-life threats
  • Submit any material that when submitted is in conflict with any Hungarian or International law or contains invitation to a crime or accepts any kind of such invitation.
  • Submit or transfer any material that is otherwise not accessible for juveniles, including sexual, obscene, illegal or dishonest materials.
  • Blackmail users so that they breach rules.
  • Submit any advertising material that is not approved by Beholder Ltd. The medium of the advertisement is irrelevant.
  • Questionable pictures and large profiles are not allowed and may be deleted by the adminstrator without notice.
  • Start chain letters or such regardless of their content.
  • Use Spam in the system or its forums.

5. Violation of the rules

5.1. Multiple characters

In order to ensure fair game it is of importance so that players abide by the rules and not gain unjust advantages by playing with more than one character per world. Several built-in algorithms exist to prevent multiple characters, which are in continuous development. If an algorithm detects a possible multi character, operators shall examine log files to clarify the issue and use penalty if necessary. Penalties include temporary, or - if the player was caught a second time - permanent suspension of account.

Some examples that might provoke the interest of the operators:

  • One character continuously attacking another, which only collects soul energy without spending it
  • One character continuously attacking another, stronger character, while having a lot of soul energy and losing all the time.
  • Several characters acting, attacking simultaneously, at precisely the same time
  • Some characters in the same clan use all their soul energy to build while others never build
5.2. Violation of netiquette

Like using multiple characters violation of netiquette might lead to temporary or permanent suspension of account, depending on the severity, and if it happens first time or several times.

5.3. Using third-party programs

It is forbidden to use any programs or mechanisms that change and/or influence the operation of the program, makes the game automatic, lead to excessive server load or use "bots". If our algorithms detect such activity it may lead to immediate and permanent suspension of account.

6. Modification of rules

We retain the right to make any modifications to the mathematics of the game mechanisms if deemed necessary.

7. Ancient stones

At the moment it is not possible to get a refund for unused ancient stones or to hand them over to other players. Players purchase the service when buying stones not when spending them. It is not possible to exchange items or premium membership back to ancient stones, except for one-use items (focus crystals, gear, potions), in this case unused items may be exchanged for ancient stones at the original price.

8. Vis major

Beholder Ltd. shall not be held liable for the operation of the servers, temporary interruption of the internet service or any program errors. Users are not entitled for compensation in such cases.

9. Cancellation

Cancellation of an account may be initiated by either the player or the Provider. If players wish to do so, they delete their registration, which can be done on the settings page, no other action is necessary. The Provider may cancel registration if the player violates the terms of use and rules. Refund for ancient stones is not possible in this case.

10. Clause

Should any part of this rule set become ineffective or out-of-date it shall not affect the remaining part. Administrators are obliged to replace obsolete clauses to new ones which are equivalent to the originals in the terms of law. They come into effect immediately and apply for current cases as well. The same refers to any deficiencies. Administrators are obliged to supersede deficiencies, in a manner so that they are closest to the clause that would have been written had the point arisen when writing the original rule set.